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In case you were unaware, today is international talk like a pirate day. So get out your eye patches, shiver your timbers, and walk the plank mateys. Below, we’ve translated the first page of our companies homepage into pirate speak:

Th’ shortest distance from b to b

A bold claim? Maybe. But fer 20 years now, Slack Barshinger has worked exclusively with business marrrketers, helpin’ t’ build their brands and generate profitable demand. We’ve been an Integrated Marketin’ Communications agency since way before IMC was cool. So brin’ us your complex challenges. You’ll get clarity, efficiency and great results in reply.

  1. Matt SwitzerNo Gravatar on Friday 19, 2008

    Only from you, Jeff Woelker. :)

  2. Don HarderNo Gravatar on Friday 19, 2008